des·ti·na·tion - ‘The ultimate purpose for something that is created or intended'

Cafe Moto is a beach-side family friendly, classic motoring themed venue at the gateway to Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

Earthy and imaginative ~ Cafe Moto offers the motoring and wider community something distinctively different.



As locals, we stopped in today to try your coffee and we were not disappointed! It was amazing!

We are delighted to bring our customers some of the best coffee along the bay. Our secret?

We are unique among Melbourne Cafes as we roast our own small batch coffee onsite and in full view of our customers. Our roaster is a highly sophisticated American design and each roasting cycle takes as little as 15 minutes.

By sourcing high quality green beans and roasting 1kg at a time, we have control over the quality, taste, colour, aroma and optimal serving conditions.

Our house blend is award winning and combines the best from Papua New Guinea, Brazil & Uganda. From Papua New Guinea comes a lovely fruitiness; Brazil delivers sweetness along with chocolate and nutty notes. These two coffees combine with the strength and cocoa notes from Ugandan coffee to deliver strength, flavour and intensity.

Imagine drinking a cup of coffee and watching your take-home batch roast before your eyes… it doesn’t get much better than that. We sell our beans to take home in 500g and 1kg bags. These can also be ordered via the below link and sent directly to you.